The DMA Medicare Team offers Medicare educational seminars in a non-sales environment for you to relax and learn what you need to know about Medicare whether you are just turning 65 or have been on Medicare for many years.

By the end of one of our seminars, you will understand all the components of Medicare -  Parts A, B, C, D, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements or MediGap Plans, enrollment deadlines, potential penalties for missed deadlines, what to do if you are continuing to work, how it all applies to you, and more!

Pursuant to CMS guidelines, you will not be presented with carrier-specific Plans at these educational seminars but will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment to discuss your options if you so choose. Absolutely no obligation and no pressure - the goal of these seminars is to educate those in our communities about your Medicare options.

Due to COVID restrictions, we are currently offering virtual educational seminars only. If you prefer an in-person appointment in a safely sanitized and socially distanced environment, please call today at 315-498-4642 x115, or email [email protected] 

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